Welcome to Seattle Diplomacy, to both you who are new to the area, or just new to the hobby!

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There are a variety of events going on each and every month in the Seattle area. We're working hand in hand with other clubs all across the Northwest to build up a great pool of players. Seattle is host to two Diplomacy tournaments a year, both of which draw players from across the country.

We get at least seven people together once a month for a game at the Canterbury in Seattle. It's open to one and all, just contact us for more information!

Diplomacy is a game that is ever in need of more players, and we are constantly welcoming new faces to the gaming table. If Diplomacy was once a part of your life, or if you've only ever played online, or if you just want to play a great game with some new people, please contact us.



WACcon 2011 is two weeks away! Three rounds, two days; Jan 21st & 22nd. First round starts 6:30pm at the Washington Athletic Club. Come on out and join the fun! All details are posted on the Northwest Diplomacy Yahoo group - go check it out.


In preperation for WACcon 2010 in Paris this August, the traditional January WACcon was scaled back. MiniWAC was a locals only, two round, one day event involving over 30 players. A lot of Diplomacy was packed into one day and many new tournament players came out of the woodwork to give the game a try in a more competative environment. The groundwork has been laid for WACcon in Paris, which is being held in conjunction with the European Diplomacy Championships, so expect a crowded field!

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WACcon 2010 will be held in Paris, France August 26th-29th. More details coming soon.

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